Citizen Series Brighton Race #8

We have had a very successful year of weeknight racing and it is our last official Citizen Series Race at Brighton tomorrow night (Tuesday, February 25).  There will be 1 more race at Wolf Mountain on March 18 and potentially a spring race and BBQ at Brighton (more details to come).   Thanks to everyone who has been coming out and especially all of the new faces that have started participating in the sport this winter.  We hope everyone has enjoyed the races.

Tuesday’s race is a great chance to get in 1 more race before the Powder Keg on March 7-9.  Use this as a chance to hone in those transition skills before the big weekend.

As the last official Brighton race……….

  • The weather looks good so due to popular demand, we will be doing a relay race partnering someone on race gear with someone on regular gear.
  • We have a great raffle including skis from La Sportiva, a $500 gift certificate from, Voile gear, Ski Trab gear, and much more.  You won’t want to miss the post race raffle at Molly Greens.

As always

  • Park by the church
  • Sign in by the base of Great Western where you will be able to find out where we are meeting on the mountain
  • A helmet and headlamp are mandatory for all racers
  • Packs for the boot pack are required for anyone on race gear. Packs are not required for people are regular touring gear.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday.