Citizen Series Race 1 – A Better Kind of Turkey Trot

We are kicking off another season of races this Thursday (Thanksgiving morning) at 8:00 AM at Brighton.  Keeping with tradition we will race in the “Vert 60” format. Those of you who participated last year know what to expect.  We will go for 1 hour and see how many laps we can do on a  short (500-800′) course. The goal will be to chase each other, gain fitness, and earn our turkey dinners!  Afterwards, as usual, there will be pies as prizes and a few other skiing related items to be given out.  Since Molly Green’s is not open that early, we will hold the awards at Alpine Rose which is the cafeteria in the building just uphill from them main ticket office.  They will be serving breakfast as usual if the Vert 60 gave you an appetite.

Everyone is invited regardless of gear, fitness, or skill level.  Every race we have a wide variety of gear from full carbon to full iron.

 A couple housekeeping items:

Park by the church on the Milly side, not in front of the Milly Chalet.  We will warm up together to the start of the course (location TBA).

Helmets and courtesy to Brighton’s paying customers, cat drivers and patrollers are mandatory.

The price is still free but we are trying to raise enough money to pay for our insurance to cover the Citizen’s Series. UT Ski Mountaineering is the official organization that will put on the Citizen Series.  Please consider joining UT Ski Mountaineering to support the Citizen Series and ski mountaineering in Utah in general.  An annual membership in UT Ski Mountaineering is $30.  100% of the membership fees go to support the Citizen Series.  For those not wishing to be members or if you do not know if you will race very many races, we are recommending a $5 donation each time you race to help cover these costs.  To save time on logistics on Thursday morning, please sign up ahead of time on the  membership page of the UT Ski Mountaineering website.  Please also print out and sign the waiver on the membership page.  Some of the benefits of your membership include:

  • Entrance to and support of 8 great Citizen Series races
  • Entry into an additional end of season opportunity drawing for great prizes (skis, clothing, etc)
  • 15% off a skimo gear purchase at Gear 30 in Ogden
  • We will be providing additional benefits as the season progresses including some swag and discounts at local retailers

Enough with the details. See everyone Thursday morning!!!

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