Picture of skimo racers moving up a hill at night.Mission: To advance the safety, skills and sport of ski mountaineering in Utah, and provide events of competition, education and sportsmanship for growing a community of human-powered skiing and snowboarding.

Utah SkiMo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicating the advancing the sport of ski mountaineering in Utah. We host a biweekly citizen event series during the winter and also work with ski mountaineering race and event promoters in Utah to help promote and sponsor ski mountaineering events.  

In addition to events, Utah Ski Mountaineering provides education to new and experienced skiers.  In particular, we have a goal of increasing the participation in ski mountaineering through reaching out to juniors (14 to 22 year olds) and women.

Utah SkiMo is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Long exposure of a lot of ski racers moving uphill in a z-shape skintrack

Weekly Event Series

Utah SkiMo hosts a weekly event series for community members. The events are hosted in a local ski area on Tuesday nights and test skiers’ fitness and technique. You can find more information at the calendar.

Event Promotion

Utah Ski Mountaineering works with existing groups like  the Wasatch Powder Keg and the CROWBAR to help organize and advertise ski mountaineering races throughout Utah.

Utah Ski Mountaineering provides common race supplies like course flagging and signage. We also provide race liability insurance for some events.

kid racer prepares to start


Utah Ski Mountaineering also periodically organizes educational clinics for new, beginner, and intermediate ski mountaineering racers.  These clinics provide hands on education for various techniques required for ski mountaineering like transitions, skinning, and endurance training.

Utah Ski Mountaineering works with youth groups like the Wasatch Front Range High School Ambassador Program to build interest and participation in ski mountaineering

To help support UT SkiMo, please consider donating or becoming a member.

  1. Memberships are used to support the Tuesday Night Citizen Series skimo events.  Your Wasatch SkiMo membership provides additional benefits during the season (see membership page).
  2. Donations: Utah Ski Mountaineering accepts donations to provide additional funding for educational clinics and additional events in Utah. Please see the membership page for more information.

headlights on the booter

Utah Ski Mountaineering Volunteer Staff

  • President: John Allison
  • Vice President: Rob Aldrich
  • Treasurer: Layne Caldwell
  • Secretary: Toni Allison
  • Utah SkiMo Committees (Chair // Members)
    • Financial: Layne Caldwell // John Allison, Joel Trachtenberg, Rob Aldrich, Chad Brackelsberg
    • Legal: Jared Inouye // Chad Brackelsberg, John Allison, Joel Trachtenberg
    • Sponsorship: John Allison // Joel Trachtenberg, Logan Tuura, Rob Aldrich
    • Event Day: Adam Blanchard // Joel Trachtenberg, John Allison, Mike Brehm, Pete Stoughton
    • Membership: John Allison // Joel Trachtenberg, Rob Aldrich, Mike Brehm
    • Safety: Mike Brehm // Sarah Cookler, Joel Trachtenberg, Adam Blanchard, Chad Brackelsberg 
    • Website & Social Media: Matt Sadauckas // Zach Wong, Chad Brackelsberg
  • Web Master: Zach Wong
  • Current Board Members: Joel Trachtenberg (Chair), John Allison, Sarah Cookler, Mike Brehm, Chad Bracklesberg, Pete Stoughton, and Jared Inouye.
  • Past Presidents: Joel Trachtenberg, Chad Brackelsberg, Steffie Gould

Other Contacts

  • Photography provided by: Ron Winsett @ronwinsettimages
  • Youth Program Coordinator:
    • Silver Fork Skimo: Sarah Cookler
    • Park City Skimo: Adam Loomis – aloomis (at) parkcityss (dot) org
  • Snowbird SkiMo: Davin Grapentine

Contact: info (at) utahskimo (dot) org

Last edited 6-26-2023