Wasatch Citizens Series Race #7 – SkiMo psych is building!

I normally don’t get too excited about writing race reports but today is different.  We had our 7th race of the Citizen’s Series last night and it was stellar.  Layne Caldwell, Jared Inouye, and Teague Holmes set up a great course with two short 250 foot climbs.  The format was a relay and teams were required to have one guy on race gear and one on fat skis.  To start, the 60 or so participants formed two lines (race gear in one and fat skis in the other) and then paired off.  From there it was a tag team effort to see who could finish 7 laps the quickest.

People went fast, it hurt, some people crashed, blah blah blah.  The race was an amazing workout on a well thought out course but I couldn’t care less about that right now.  I’m most excited about the enthusiasm of everyone. There were a lot of fast guys and gals out there and everyone seemed to be psyched to be out skiing and competing.  Living in a relatively large city so close to such a skier friendly resort (Brighton) offers all of us a unique opportunity to help spread the SkiMo psych to the masses.  I think it’s catching on.  I heard a few people say, “these races are my favorite thing about Salt Lake City!”

The race enthusiasm carried over to Molly Greens where pies (thanks Layne for buying) were given to the winners.  Vollie stepped it up again and gave out two tourlight probes and a XLM shovel to a few lucky new comers.  Christian and Jim Knight in coordination with Powerbar gave out over a hundred Powergels.  It seems like the swag will keep coming so come race, eat at Molly Greens, win something and be part of the light and fast movement!

The next race is Feb 19th, 7:00PM. As always, the Ski Trab demo skis will be there so show up a touch early if you’re interested in using them.

The line up to pick teams
A blur of racers as their partners watch
Winners of the woman’s division
Men’s winners

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