Wasatch Citizen Series Race #7

The World Championships are only a few days away.  Come give 2 of US National Team from the Wasatch (Tom Goth and Andy Dorais) your best wishes and get out of the inversion for a little fresh air and exercise.

Race #7 is tomorrow night (February 5) at 7PM at Brighton Ski Resort.  Please be early so that we can start the race right at 7PM.  As usual, park by the church, meet at Milly Chalet, and  a helmet and headlamp are mandatory.  If you are on race gear, bring a pack so you can get transition practice getting your skis on and off your pack on the booters.  As always, the race will be followed by awards and libations at Molly Green’s.

Please bring friends and introduce them to this great community sport.  As you spread the word, let people know that all abilities and gear are welcome and that only a small percentage of the participants are serious racers.  We want the Citizen Series to  be a fun, low stress introduction to the sport.


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  1. I’ve been having a ton of fun coming out to these — thanks for all the time and effort you put into organizing the series!

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