Sign Up For The 21/22 CAMP USA Utah SkiMo Event Series!

The first event is just one week away (12/7 @7pm @Brighton!) and this is a reminder to get signed up!

First and foremost, get both of your waivers signed here and here and and sign up for the 21/22 season here.

Second, take a look at our sponsors this year as they are the ones that make our fantastic events (and the awesome raffles!) possible. CAMP USA will again be title sponsor of our 21/22 season and we are absolutely stoked to have them with us!

Last and definitely not least, let’s all have fun and be safe out there. Below are some rules to remember and please read our FAQ:

  1.  I will bring and use a helmet, headlight, and proper uphill skiing/riding gear. Skimo race gear, backcountry skis and splitboards, and telemark gear are allowed. I will be prepared with enough clothes, food, and liquid to keep me safe and comfortable during the event. Nordic gear is not allowed.
  2.  I will identify a “buddy” who is also present as another participant, spectator, or Utah SkiMo volunteer. I will let my “buddy” know when I have finished the event and off the course safely. The obligation of the “buddy” is to notify Utah Skimo officials if their “buddy” is not accounted for after the event. Utah Skimo officials will organize a search and inform SL County SAR if necessary.
  3.  I agree to follow the designated route set by the Utah Skimo organization. Green flags represent the up skin track, yellow flags indicate up booters, and red flags and blinkers designate the downhill route. I shall stay within 30 feet of the designated downhill route upon descent.
  4. I agree to assist any sick or injured participant, summon other participants to assist me, and summon Utah Skimo representatives immediately. Utah Skimo will then organize an assessment and evacuation of the sick or injured person.
  5. I agree to ski in control at all times.

You can follow us on all forms of social media ( FB, Instagram, and Strava).

All are welcome and we look forward to having everyone out there next week!