December 20th Race Course and Logistics

Tuesday’s race format will be a points race.  You will be given points for each lap you complete within 1 hour.  You only get points for the laps you finish in that 1 hour period so any laps completed after 1 hour do not count. You will keep track of your laps and report them at the finish to be added up.  You have 2 ascent options with a shared descent.  

Route 1

  • 2 points per completed lap
  • Located on climbers right, this lap climbs from Milly Chalet to Twin Lakes Damn.
  • Longer, less technical, no booting
  • 0.55 miles
  • 620’ ascent

Route 2: 

  • 1 point per lap
  • Located on climbers left.  This lap climbs from Milly Chalet to the first flat
  • Shorter, more technical, has a booter
  • 0.30 miles
  • 350’ ascent

As always, headlamp and helmet are required.  If you have not signed up for your Utah Skimo Membership or signed BOTH the Brighton and Utah Skimo waivers, please do that before the race at  

We will be doing race checkin in the parking lot by Milly Chalet. The race will start at 7PM sharp so please arrive early for race sign in.

Post race awards will be at the 3rd floor of Alpine Rose at the main Brighton base.