Wasatch Skimo Race #4

The first race of 2015 is next Tuesday, January 13th.  There will be  clinics beforehand starting at around 6-6:30.  If people are interested in the clinic, please have them email Chad at chad@wasatchpowderkeg.com by January 11th to reserve a spot.
There will be 3 clinics people can choose from:
  1. Skins on/skins off transitions
  2. Efficient skinning and switchbacks
  3. Booter transitions
These clinics will be highly beneficial to any level of participant and will also be helpful for making general touring more efficient. For those looking to improve their race times from race-to-race or year-to-year, fixing or growing these technical skills can subtract minutes. Racers with then get the chance to practice their new skills during the following race.
See you on Tuesday!