Spring SkiMo Race & BBQ – Friday April 20th

As we continue to try to extend ski season as long as possible (for those that have already written it off, there is still a lot of great skiing up high and on the big peaks), we have decided to have 1 last citizen series skimo race this week followed by a BBQ. We will be starting earlier this week in order to enjoy the nice evening weather after the race (the forecast is for 40F). 

Meet at this Friday (April 20) at 5:30 at the Millicent Base of Brighton.  As usual, we will be racing for about 1 hour and the race will be followed by some social time.  Instead of gathering at Molly Greens after the race, bring your portable BBQ grill, favorite meat or non-meat product, something to share (if you want), post-race beverage of choice, chairs, and anything else you want for a Brighton parking lot BBQ and skimo party. 

The race format is still being finalized. If you have preferences, please post your preference as a comment to this post.  Beacon, shovel, probe, and helmet will all be required for the race.

In addition, the Wasatch SkiMo Team will be showcasing their new speed suits.  Come check out the new team colors.  If you purchased a suit, bring your money so you can pick it up from Jared at the race.

See you all Friday!

3 thoughts on “Spring SkiMo Race & BBQ – Friday April 20th”

  1. Hope this isn’t too random an inquiry, but wondering if you have any towing tips? This is not for a race, just a tour.
    I plan to use the towing attachment from the CAMP Rapid 260 Pack, although not the pack. Seems like I can attach the tow line to pretty much any solid place on my own pack. Then for the towee, should I attached the tow line to her . . . pack’s waist belt? And the stretch part, should that be on my end or hers (or doesn’t it matter)?

    1. Jonathan – I haven’t done too much towing, but what I have found works better than the CAMP bull strap is a 6′ long 1/8″ bungee cord with a small non-climbing caribiner on each end. this can quickly be moved from a tow point on the pack to the waste belt of the towee. With this setup, you will not actually be towing the person, but more pacing them by keeping gentle pressure on them. This works great on variable terrain as it allows some flexibility between the partners. Many people who tow will use the CAMP Alp 95 in order to more comfortably tow and be towed from their hips.

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