02/07 Event at Brighton, Brighton’s Uphill, Toko Tips, Scarpa Demos, and other News

What’s up, skimo peeps?!

Below are a few reminders and shout-outs for you cool cats as we skin and ski into February. 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Our events can’t happen without you and we need volunteers to help set course and help check people in. As always, all volunteers still get to skin-and-ski with everyone else at 7pm. Sign up HERE and you also get more raffle tickets for helping out!

Brighton is now allowing uphilling inbounds: You can learn more about their uphill policies and current uphill status HERE and HERE.

SCARPA BOOT DEMOS: Scarpa will be at our Brighton on 02/07/2023. If you’re interested in skinning and skiing in a pair of sweet, Scarpa boots, then reserve your size HERE

Registration for the 2023 Powderkeg is now closed: This event is extremely popular and cannot happen without our amazing community of volunteers. If you have the time, please consider volunteering at this amazing event. You can sign up HERE.

We’ve had some really cold temps lately and Toko has some fantastic Toko Tips below to get the best out of your skis when it gets cold! Don’t forget to sign up for Ian’s (Toko’s US Brand Manager) newsletter via Toko’s website and check out the podcast.

Tips and Tricks when waxing for cold snow:

  • For snow that is very cold, dry, and slow where your skis seem to drag, the solution is to combine High Performance Blue hot wax with X-Cold Powder. X-cold is a wax that is designed to significantly improve the skis’ breakaway and acceleration speed. To Apply, drip HP Blue hot wax on the ski, then before ironing, shake X-Cold powder onto the base as well. Once both waxes are on the ski, you will iron them in together.
  • For average cold snow conditions, High Performance Blue hot wax combined with HP Liquid Paraffin Blue will result in maximum speed.
  • For cold snow that is very fast and has a high snow humidity (icy refrozen snow, like you might find after the snow thaws and then refreezes), the best wax choice will be High Performance Blue hot wax combined with High Performance Yellow hot wax in a 3:1 ratio. When doing this, use the iron temperature of the harder (blue) wax.
  • For a less expensive solution, substitute Performance or Base Performance Blue for the High Performance. 

The next Utah SkiMo Citizen Series event will be on 02/07/2023 at Brighton Resort at starts 7pm sharp. Details to follow and see you all there!

See you all next week at Brighton!

The Utah SkiMo Crew