Points Racing is Back!

We have an awesome 2 loop course this week that we will be using to earn the most points possible. We have an upper loop and lower loop; do both or any combination to get the most points you can in an hour. Racing starts part way up the Great Western chair. Get up there early to make sure you make to the 7pm SHARP start.

It will take you about 10-15min to get to the start. Brighton is open for night skiing now, so Alpine Rose is open for us to have an after awards party! We have some great prizes and giveaways from all our great sponsors Dynafit, Skimo.co, DPS, Gnarly Nutrition, and Voile. 

Make sure you park over by Milli chalet and that you have signed the waiver for Brighton and the Utah Skimo waivers for either adults or  kids.  Don’t forget your helmet and headlamp!  

12-8 Race Map