Race #2 Details

We are racing! Tuesday night is the first of the night races and we are doing a vert. That means we are racing up only, Course will start at the bottom of Great Western wind its way up past the Snake Creek lift and up to snake creek pass. Make sure you bring a helmet and a headlamp. Race to start at 7pm so give yourself a little extra time to get up and get warmed up before the start.
Brighton is closed for night skiing this week so we will do a quick awards right after the race in the parking lot. Bring a puffy!
If you still have not signed both your waivers please do it on utahskimo.org. You need to sign brightons and utah skimo’s waiver.
Remember to park at milli chalet and walk across the parking lot. Do not park in the corner by the GW lift.
One last reminder that the red light on brighton lodge means absolutely no uphill travel allowed. Please pass this along to other fellow skiers so we do not lose our uphill privileges. You can check the website to down towards the bottom of the page here: http://www.brightonresort.com/mountain/snow-report/BrightonMap