February 21st (the last race of the season)

Come join us for the last race of the season this coming tuesday. This weeks course will be starting at the base of Great Western lift at 7pm. The course is a 3 loop points based course that will see everyone having to do all 3 loops in any order you want and then getting as many points after that you can in an hour. The top short loop (175′) is worth 1 point, the middle longest loop (600′) is worth 4 points and the bottom middle loop (300′) is worth 2 points. Make sure you stick around at Alpine Rose afterwards because we got a lot of cool stuff to raffle off including some Dynafit skis!
Please remember to park my Milli chalet and walk over to Great Western for the start. As a reminder if you have not signed BOTH waivers go onto utahskimo.org and sign both waivers. You can also make donations there as well for the races instead of bringing cash with you to the race.The Dynafit skis will be raffled off only to someone who has signed up as member and paid for the full season this year. If you have been given a key tag bring it up and make your check in faster. 
Will see you at Brighton!