Tuesday, January 24th Race

Next race this Tuesday night 1/24. We will be racing this week on the millicent side of the mountain. Short course format doing multiple laps on one course. We will start at the base of milli going up climber’s right along the ski area boundary. There will be at least 1 booter, maybe more. We will climb up about 400-500′ and intersect with easy out trail and come back to the bottom. Sorry there is no map this week, Brighton has been red lighted for the last few days. There will be some great skiing to be had with all this snow!
As a reminder if you have never raced or raced years past, you HAVE to have signed both brighton and Utahskimo race waivers THIS SEASON. You will find these at utahskimo.org in the top left hand corner of the page. If you have not you will be held up at sign in to get them signed before you race.And it takes time you want to be warming up or skiing.
 If you are not a member check out our member tab and join. Become part of the growing utahskimo family and help keep our races going with your donation. Also take a look at all the benefits you get by joining.  Also, don’t forget your key tags to check in faster!
Remember great prizes and food after at the Alpine rose (behind the main brighton ticket building)
Look forward to seeing you there!