Ski-Yo! and Final Races

Another Powder Keg has come and gone. Thanks to Chad, Emily, Nick, Eric and the rest of the volunteers for putting on such a great event (and for making the tough call to cancel the Sunday’s teams race)! Congrats to everyone who came and participated- it was no small feat! Check out for the results. And don’t forget to come to Ski-Yo tonight– your body will thank you!

The end of the season is upon us. The final Logan race at Beaver Mountain is this Friday and the final Wasatch race is next Tuesday! Don’t forget your required helmet and headlamp. For those coming the Wasatch race at Brighton we definitely need help marking the course and checking people in- no experience necessary!

March 8
Ski-Yo! Skimo Co Retail Store, 7pm
Come recover from the Powder Keg (or just the weekend!) with us at Skimo Co with Ski-Yo. This is a free, basic level yoga class. Please bring your own mat if you can- a limited number of mats are available for those without. Make sure to show up early- it was a full house last time! Questions? Contact Nancy: nightingalerun at

March 11
Logan Citizen Series Race
6:30 pm Beaver Mountain Ski Resort
Last Friday night race in Logan- but the sunset doesn’t set till 6:31 so if you’re quick enough it might even be light when you finish (but it should at least be light at the start for the mere mortals)! More info here:

March 15
Wasatch Citizen Series Race
Check in till 6:55, 7pm SHARP start
This is it, the last race of the series! With the sun not setting till 7:30 you might not need your headlamp for the first half (please make sure to remember it, though, along with your helmet) and the snow may not be bullet proof (no guarantees). Stay tuned for more details and plan on coming to Molly Green’s for awards and the raffle!