Brighton Uphill Policy

Please remember when skinning at Brighton that the red/yellow/green light on the Brighton Center has the final say in uphill traffic. There were issues on Friday where the light and website were not in sync. The light was red and there was a lot of uphill traffic. Brighton has asked us to remind all people that in order to keep this privilege, it must be followed.  The Brighton Uphill Policy is posted at:

Brighton will turn off and on their red light depending on what work is being done on the hill. There is never a set time frame for switching it back to green. Sometimes the web site is the last to be changed. If you come in the parking lot and the light is red that is the final say. Safety is our main focus for all patrons.

Please remember that we lost our privilege to climb at Snowbird due to a few ‘bad apples’. Let’s not lose our privilege at Brighton also.