Utah Skimo Citizen Series
Utah Skimo could use some volunteers at the upcoming season–Utah Skimo is 100% volunteer-labor supported and we need more help on race nights. We generally need 10-12 people each race night and currently have only a few volunteers for each remaining race night. We currently need help with sign-ins, course setting, course clean-up, etc. We’d appreciate help from anyone and everyone, regardless of their speed, skimo experience, or stance on Lycra!

If you can volunteer to help the Wasatch Skimo Citizen Series, please sign up here.

The Wasatch Powder Keg
The Wasatch Powder Keg is a great event because of volunteers like you who help organize and conduct the race. Thanks for helping out.
Please contact:
Emily Brackelsberg emily (at) wasatchpowderkeg (dot) com

Logan Crowbar
email and details tbd