We invite you to be a member of UT Ski Mountaineering, a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization formed to promote and grow the sport of ski mountaineering in Utah.

Membership dues for the 2021/22 season are

  • Standard: $75 – full season of events
  • Junior: $40 – full season, 18 and under 
  • Single Event: $20 – participate in one event at at time

Standard and Junior membership benefits include:

  • Free entrance to and support of 6 great Wasatch Ski Mountaineering Citizen Series Events
  • Prizes and drawings for all virtual events 
  • Free access to Utah SkiMo demo gear for race nights (first come first serve).  $10 demo’s all other times.  Demo gear can be picked up at
  • Entry into an additional end of season opportunity drawing for great prizes (skis, clothing, etc)

Annual membership costs start at $75 and $40 for those under 18 for the season. For those not looking at joining for a full season, UT Ski Mountaineering asks for a $20 donation at each SkiMo Citizens Series event.

While your membership dues are not tax deductible, amounts that you donate in excess of the $75 annual membership dues qualifies.

Please consider donating above and beyond the annual membership dues to support UT Ski Mountaineering.

Annual Membership:

Please put your full name  in the comment box below:

Your total amount is : 75.00 (Currency: USD)

Adult & Youth Waivers: To expedite event check-in, please have  ALL of the online waivers completed ahead of time.