Last Tuesday Night Race!

Last Race of Year! 
The last Tuesday Night Race for the year at Solitude and your not going to want to miss this one. We have great course of going up Hal’s Hollow, up to the backdoor of the roundhouse, around the Roundhouse to Same Street, then down to Home Run. At the base we then skate/glide back to the start line. Make sure your skis are waxed for this one (I have warned you!) There may be a short booter in the course depending on snow coverage. Race to do 3 laps and rec to do 2 laps. Race as always starts at 7pm.
After the race we will be going to Moonbeam lodge for awards and raffle. Solitude is going to have some hot food for us this week like a mini chili bar. Come on over. The raffle gets even bigger this week with a new sponsor Kuhl having some clothing for us to raffle off.We also have the Grand Prize of the Year which is a pair of Dynafit DNA race skis with matching ski bag! Plus we will still have other swag from our other sponsors Dynafit,, Voile, Gnarly.
Please remember to sign your solitude waiver before hand. Even if you know someone who is just coming to watch they need to have signed the Solitude waiver. You can find them at
See you there!
Solitude_Primary_Consumer_129 and 2955_Vertical    SolitudeCourse2

First Solitude Race!

Its a race week! We have a new venue and new course! This week we will be racing at Solitude Ski Resort. We have sprint style course lined up for you. The course will be heading up Shady lane with a couple of kickturns to a quick booter. Then skis back on to the top of postcard for a fast descent. As many laps you can do in an hour.
Race as always will start at 7pm. So, we will be meeting up at the Moonbeam Base area or the first Solitude entrance. Go to the far west side of the lot to park where you will see the registration tents set up. Speaking of registration since we are at a new mountain please make sure you have signed Solitude’s waiver-it just to the left in green!
If you are spectating only you still need to sign a waiver. Solitude would like everyone on the mountain Tuesday night to have signed a waiver, PLEASE.
After the race Solitude will have the Moonbeam lodge open for food and beverages. Come say thanks to Solitude for letting us race, by purchasing some snacks or beverages (adult beverages available). We of course will have cool swag and prizes to give out as well. 
Solitude_Primary_Consumer_129 and 2955_Vertical        SolitudeCourse1

Last Brighton Race!

Last night of racing at Brighton this year! Come ski the only Milli race of the season. We will be starting at Milli chalet this week. The course will go up along the boundary line towards sol-bright trail. A quick descent through the trees and bumps will bring us to the next transition. Another skin and booter will bring us close to the Twin Lakes dam. Then its a fast descent down the ski run to the bottom. This will be a multi lap race format.
Race starts at 7pm sharp. Make sure you sign both your waivers if you have not raced before. We will go to Alpine Rose for awards and treats afterwards.
See you there!

It’s Race Week!

Its a race week! Come on up and work off the holiday cheer and do some skimo racing! This week we will be starting at the base of Great western lift and doing a points race. The course will be a butterfly shape 2 loop course with each loop being worth a certain number of points. Whoever can do some math and transitions with the correct sequence of loops will come out on top.

As always please park at the church (milli side) and walk over to the great western end of the parking lot. Please remember to sign both brighton and utah skimo waivers before coming up if you have not done so already. NIghtly race fees or yearly memberships can be paid for online as well at Also the race start promptly at 7pm so plan on being there a few minutes early to get checked in (you MUST check in before you race)!

Race #3 Details!

We’re racing again this week! This weeks course will take us through the upper woods and crevices of Brighton. We will start at the bottom of the snake creek lift and travel up a short ways with a quick transition and descent. Then more climbing up through the woods. A short booter and the jr’s turn off there. Then there is more skinning through the bumps to another booter which will have you top out at snake creek pass. A fun easy descent down the ski run will see you back to the start. If your feeling good and strong you will head up for lap 2. If your toast then thats the race for you.
Things to plan on: Make sure you sign both waivers online at home before you come up. You can also pay for the night or your annual membership at home and online as well on the Utah website. We do take cash at the registration tent too for the single race. Registration is at the bottom of great western and the start is going to be at least a 15min skin/warm up, so don’t hit check in at 6:55pm and think you will make the official start.  You must check in at the registration tent BEFORE racing, even if you have signed your waivers and paid. I would highly recommend a pack to carry skis  for the booters, but not required.
After we will be inside at Alpine Rose for awards and raffle. Remember to show our gratitude to brighton and have beverage or some food.

Race #2 Details

We are racing! Tuesday night is the first of the night races and we are doing a vert. That means we are racing up only, Course will start at the bottom of Great Western wind its way up past the Snake Creek lift and up to snake creek pass. Make sure you bring a helmet and a headlamp. Race to start at 7pm so give yourself a little extra time to get up and get warmed up before the start.
Brighton is closed for night skiing this week so we will do a quick awards right after the race in the parking lot. Bring a puffy!
If you still have not signed both your waivers please do it on You need to sign brightons and utah skimo’s waiver.
Remember to park at milli chalet and walk across the parking lot. Do not park in the corner by the GW lift.
One last reminder that the red light on brighton lodge means absolutely no uphill travel allowed. Please pass this along to other fellow skiers so we do not lose our uphill privileges. You can check the website to down towards the bottom of the page here:

Skin the Turkey is on!

Skin the turkey race is on! We will be racing starting at the bottom of the snake creek lift  at Brighton. This lift is not by the parking lot so make sure you get there early since it will take 15-20 min to get to the start line. Race starts at 7am sharp so we can be off the mountain before the lifts starts spinning. The course is up some ungroomed runs and down a packed/groomed run. I skied it this morning and it is pretty filled in. You should park at the church over by the bottom of the Millicent lift. Then walk across the lot to Great western lift. Do not park with everyone else in the middle of the lot. That is for Brighton lift customers only. Helmets are required!
PLEASE PLEASE sign both waivers, Brighton and Utah skimo, on the website before you come up. You will not be allowed to race without waivers signed first. If you leave this until registration at the bottom of brighton you will more than likely miss the start.
Registration tent will be set up near the bottom of the Great western lift. Stop in there to say hi to our great volunteers and let them know you are there and racing. 
After we will go to Alpine rose for some food and awards.
Approximate course maps:
Capture Capture2