C.A.M.P. & Contour Skins pres. by La Sportiva 01/24/23 Citizen Series Event Reminder!

What’s up, everyone!?

This season’s third C.A.M.P./Contour Skins skimo event will be a great one at Park City Mountain Resort. Below you’ll find some beta for this Tuesday’s event:

Waivers: Did you remember to sign them? …All of them? You can find all them here.

Parking (take the bus if you can!): Tuesday night’s citizen series event coincides with the Sundance Film Festival; which means parking could be really tight. Please take the bus from Kimball Junction if you can (you get 10 extra raffle tickets!) and if you carpool to the parking lot you, and your carpool mates, will get an extra raffle ticket for every person in the vehicle (e.g., 4 people in a car, 4 tickets for each person; 27 people in your school bus, 27 tickets for each person!). The address is 1493 Lowell Ave, Park City, UT 84060 and you’ll park in the main lot near the First Timer lift. You should see our tents there. 

You can learn more about the Kimball Junction to Park City Bus Route here. Get off at the Fresh Market/Park Avenue Condos stop and walk to the First Timer Lift. Total trip time should be about 35-40 minutes.

Location, time, and course: Park City Mountain Resort next to First Timer lift at 7pm sharp. 

Follow lower Homerun to the split (Waterfall)  and bear left at waterfall and up lower Treasure hollow to the bottom of Nail driver (transition B). Short booter up nail driver (transition C), skin past Nail Driver and left up the upper section of dividend to the top of the payday lift (transition D). Rec will descend down treasure hollow to the base (point E). Race will transition at point B and repeat a loop of the upper course and descend down Treasure Hollow to finish at the base. 

People on race skis, or light gear, are encouraged to do 2 laps, and heavier gear folks should shoot for 1 lap as detailed above. As always, this is an event for fun, with no race results or timing, and people can ski as much or as little of the course as they feel capable. We do ask that participants head down after 1 hour (no later than 8pm) so we can begin cleaning up our flagging. 

To spread things out, “Light and Fast™” and rec. waves will start about a minute apart so listen for the announcement at the start line.

The Corner Store (1325 Lowell Ave, Park City, UT 84060) will be open for food and drinks after the event. You can walk over from the check-in tents so please show The Corner Store your support by buying post-event food and beverages.  As always, we will have another amazing raffle for you all!

Volunteers: We are still needing help with check-in. You can sign up here and as always you can participate in the event at 7pm! You get extra raffle tickets too! 

Weather: Always check the weather and bring your layers!


  • SCARPA BOOT DEMOS!: Scarpa will be at our PCMR (01/24/2023) and Brighton (02/07/203) events. If you’re interested in skinning and skiing in a pair of sweet, Scarpa boots, then reserve your size here
  • Registration for the 2023 Powderkeg is open and filling fast! This event is extremely popular and cannot happen without our amazing community of volunteers. If you have the time, please consider volunteering at this amazing event. You can sign up here.
  • Toko is offering all Utah SkiMo members 30% off items on their webstore from now and until 01/30/2023. The only thing the discount code doesn’t include are clearance items but does include the already discounted starter kits. Just visit www.TokoUs.com and use the code ILIKESKIMOUT. Give TokoUS a follow on YT and become a Jedi Ski Wax Master. Ian, of Toko, has been kind enough to share some edge tuning and skin tuning tricks here.

Now for the boring BUT STILL IMPORTANT stuff.

  • POLES DOWN IN TRANSITION ZONES!: a friendly reminder to put your poles flat on the ground when you transition so you don’t poke your friends’ eyes out.
  • Green flags are for uphill skinning, yellow flags are for booting, red [blinkies] are for down (stay near them), HAZARD flags are striped yellow and red – avoid these areas!
  • FOLLOW PCMR’s UPHILL POLICIES: uphilling at any resort is a privilege so PLEASE follow their rules when you’re out skinning on your own at PCMR.
  • On course Utah SkiMo Volunteers, wearing blinking, blue LED lights, have radios with them. Ask them for assistance only in case of emergency (sickness or injury), not because your ski slid down the hill. 
  • PLEASE CARPOOL!: Let’s all set a good example and carpool with our ski buddies and friends. 
  • We know there are a lot of new people out here and that IS AWESOME! Please take a look at our FAQ so you know what’s up.  

See y’all on 01/24 at Park City Mountain Resort at 7pm sharp!

The Utah SkiMo Crew

Photos courtesy of @ronwinsettimages