VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!, CAMP USA Pres. By Dynafit/SkiMo.co 02/15 Citizen Series Event Beta!

What’s up, everyone!?

We’ve got a fantastic course for you all this Tuesday (02/15). This week’s race will be on the Millicent side, starting on the cat track between the Milly lift and main Brighton base. We will start on the cat track and head up the Majestic Access groomer before diving into the trees. What starts as a gentle uphill will progress into steeper, moguled terrain before topping out near treeline under the stars. Transition at the top, and then head down for a short descent. Summon your inner Olympic mogul skier on this section, and show us your best knees together, zipper line technique!

Here, you will transition again for a short uphill climb and our classic Tuesday Night Booter™, before a ripping descent to the bottom. Carry your speed around a sweeping turn beneath the Milly lift and skate back to the starting tent and transition.

Racers will do 3 laps for 2100 vertical feet. Rec. skiers, shoot for 2 laps! To spread things out, race and rec. waves will start about a minute apart so listen for the announcement at the start line.

2_15 Course

We are still looking for volunteers to set course and check people in for the 02/15 event and the rest of the season. Please see the TimeToSignUp page to volunteer and remember to sign your electronic Utah SkiMo and Brighton waivers. REMEMBER: if you don’t sign your waivers, you can’t come play with us and that would be sad.

This week our presenting sponsor is Dynafit and SkiMo.co for all of your skimo and touring needs, but don’t forget about our other awesome sponsors like Blue Ice Climbing, Black Diamond Snow, CAMP USA, La Sportiva, Voile, Uphill Athlete, and Scarpa that help make our Tuesday Night events possible.

If you’ve been checking our socials, then you’ll see that one of Utah’s very own, Tuesday Night regular Griffin Briley, recently crushed it at the 2022 U18 European SkiMo Championships in Spain! He won the vertical race and individual race and placed 5th in the sprint qualifiers. From our understanding, this is the first time an American male has placed first in any international level competition – and he did it twice. Congrats, Griffin!

Now for the boring BUT STILL IMPORTANT stuff.

  • DO NOT PARK AT GREAT WESTERN!, please park on the Milly side (in between Milly Chalet and the church) and walk over to check in. We’ve even saved you the long walk this week!
  • POLES DOWN IN TRANSITION ZONES, a friendly reminder to put your poles flat on the ground when you transition so you don’t poke your friends’ eyes out.
  • FOLLOW BRIGHTON’S UPHILL POLICIES; uphilling at any resort is a privilege so PLEASE follow their rules when you’re out skinning on your own at Brighton.
  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED at check in and at the start just before you depart at 7pm sharp!
  • Because y’all are so freaking motivated to help Utah Food Bank, we are limiting the maximum number of cans to 25 per person (25 extra raffle tickets!). Remember to count your cans to help move things along at check-in for our volunteers.
  • We know there are a lot of new people out here and that IS AWESOME! Please take a look at our FAQ and our 12/1/2021 post about rules so you know what’s up.

See y’all on 02/15 at Brighton!

The Utah SkiMo Crew

Photos courtesy of @ronwinsettimages