Utah Skimo Youth League Race Results

At this years Wasatch PowderKeg, participants noticed an obvious drop in the average racer age. This noticeable youthful energy was a result dedicated youth racers, parents, coaches and Utah Skimo. 
Early in the waning months of fall, Sarah Cookler, Nina Silitch, Pete Stoughton and Chad Brackelsberg and a dream of forming a Utah Youth Skimo League. With some behind the scenes planning, and determined coaches, two teams formed. Silver fork Skimo, under the direction of Sarah Cookler, and Park City Skimo, coached by Nina Silitch, formed. The youth trained at the respective locations and occasionally gathered at Tuesday Night Races at Brighton. 
Through the guidance of the Youth League Director, Pete Stoughton, the race series consisted of three races. In order for students to be eligible for the state championship they must have raced in the Crowbar, PowderKeg Vert and PowderKeg race. 
In total, the first year was a success. We had 15 student participants ranging in age from 9-16. Not only was the year a blast, but is a great building block to developing Utah Skimo. 
We are excited to see the sport grow and hope to see many of these young men and women represent the US in 2022.