Saturday February 27th 7:45am – 2:45 pm
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Andrew McLean Clinic 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Andrew’s knowledge of travel in avalanche country will help you to make better decisions while navigating the Wasatch and beyond.  Don’t miss the wealth of knowledge he can provide.
His passion for this sport has led to him being voted as one of the “Greatest Skiers of Our Time” by Powder Magazine and a featured segment in the Sony Classic Pictures 2007 film entitled Steep.
Avalanche Avoidance Workshop
Avoiding avalanches is both an art and a science.  While digging pits and checking in with the local forecast is important, knowing where, when and how to go somewhere in the mountains is as much, if not even more critical. In combination with a short tour, we will discuss avalanche avoidance strategies such as route finding, test slopes, terrain traps, aspects, elevations and group skiing strategies.  All participants must have touring gear (skis/splitboard, skins, beacon, shovel, probe) for a short tour.
Caroline Gleich Clinic  11:00am – 2:00 pm
This LADIES ONLY clinic will focus on Tips N Tricks for ladies in the backcountry.  Caroline is a joy to be with and will share tips that are sure to make this one of your most memorable ski days.
Caroline moved west from the frozen hills of Minnesota at age 15 and began to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a professional skier. Now, she is sponsored by the likes of Patagonia, Zeal Optics, Cliff Bar, Atomic skis, Thule, Nemo, Glide stand up paddle boards, Quickblade paddles, among others, and shreds with the best nearly every day of the season. She’s been featured on the cover of Ski magazine three separate times and in other magazines such as Powder, Skiing, Ski Journal, Fitness, Men’s Journal, Outside and in ads for Snowbird, Deer Valley, and Leki to name a few.
Jason West Clinic  11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Jason’s mild manner may make you think he is just a regular guy.  Don’t be fooled. This Father, Husband, and PT lays it down and sends it.  You may recognize him from the cover of Powder, Telemark Skier, or movies by Powderwhore’s.  He also holds the record for the largest freeheel drop ever!
Growing up and living in the Wasatch mountains, Jason is committed to lifelong training and conditioning for the outdoor sports he loves of skiing, hunting, climbing, biking and backpacking. His athletic pursuits provide unique expertise and interests in returning motivated individuals, whatever their chosen sport or activity, to high level performance.Jason’s “real job”
Sarah Cookler Clinic  11:00am – 2:00 pm

Local Dynafit athlete and heroine Sarah Cookler shares the things she has learned over the years that make light, efficient touring in the backcountry possible.  This LADIES ONLY clinic will be small, intimate and welcoming to all levels.

Aaron Rice Clinic  11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Aaron’s goal to ski 2.5 million vertical feet in a calendar year is ambitious to say the least.  Learn how he does it by skiing the right way for the right day.  Aaron’s dedication to the sport began in earnest while racing in high school and taking weekend trips with friends to Vermont and Maine.
I have a lot of time on the skin track to think. I often come up with little sayings for myself to keep me motivated, on track, or safe. One such saying is “ski the right thing for the day”.  On this 1:30-2hr tour we will do what makes the most sense for the day. It is always about the downhill experience for me above all and I will pick the terrain that is most appealing given snow and avalanche conditions. While I am out in the mountains every single day for 8-12 hours we will get an abridged version of what a day in the life looks like.
Gemma’s Clinic 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Gemma’s come to us straight from Europe to “the greatest snow on Earth”. Gemma may be personally responsible for global warming. Why? Because she moves so fast. If you’re a racer, male or female come learn from Gemma and improve your on hill skinning. Gemma’s excitement is infectious and her smile will warm your heart.
Harrison Brickman Clinic 11:00am – 2:00pm
 Harrison is one of our favorite local guides. He rips, and knows all those little secret stashes in the Wasatch. Harrison will share his knowledge of how to ski that line you’ve been dreaming of skiing. Most importantly he will show you how to live through it to tell the tale.
Chad Brackelsberg Clinic 11:00 am – 2:00pm
Chad is the organizing force behind the world renowned PowderKeg. Chad just loves skiing. Come listen and learn as he tells about his adventures around the world. We are glad to have Chad on the frontside of an event where he can share his vast knowledge.
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