More Night Races and Free Food*

Tuesday night is race night! Don’t forget your required helmet and headlamp. Check in ends at 6:55 so make sure you’re up in plenty of time- you’re not going to want to miss this one! Speaking of not missing out- Dynafit is providing the raffle prizes so swing over to Molly Green for your chance to win that spandex race you know you want, those PDG skis to help you get to the top quicker and other sweet prizes!

Wednesday while you’re recovering from Tuesday night’s race come over The Sport Loft for our nutrition clinic. Jennie Harris will help guide us through race nutrition and provide some tasty samples for us (*see, I told you, free food).

Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out The Sport Loft’s team tour– the day starts with a race then continues with demos, clinics and giveaways all up Alta. Be sure to check out the fun!

The Powder Keg is just around the corner and with an all new course forSaturday’s race it’s going to be pretty awesome!

February 23: Wasatch Citizen Series Race, Brighton Resort Check in ends at 6:55 pm, 7pm Start
Race will start of the base of the Great Western Lift. Dynafit is providing this weeks raffle prizes so make sure to join us afterwards at Molly Greens for your chance to win a race suit , a pair of PDG skis and more!

February 24:Skimo Nutrition 6:30pm The Sport Loft, 4678 E Highland Dr, SLC
Should you carb load before a big event or avoid them all together? Do gels really doing anything other than leave a gooey mess everywhere? How much and how often should you eat during a long event? What is the optimal hamburger/beer ratio for maximizing recovery? If you’ve ever wondered about these or other questions regarding nutrition, then join us Wednesday, February 24th where we’ll learn from the Jennie Harris! She’ll even be providing some sample snacks!

Jennie Harris is a second year student in the Coordinated Master’s Program in Dietetics at the University of Utah, with a focus on Sports Nutrition. Jennie is particularly interested in wilderness nutrition. A former nordic ski racer, Jennie is now an avid backcountry and nordic skier, trail runner and climber.

March 11: Logan Citizen Series Race. 6:30 pm Beaver Mountain Ski Resort
Last Friday night race in Logan- but the sunset doesn’t set till 6:31 so if you’re quick enough it might even be light when you finish (but it should at least be light at the start for the mere mortals)! More info here: