Gemma Arro Ribot and Marta Riba both members of the Catalonia and Spainish National SkiMo team ascending Clayton Peak the next to last climb of the Technical Team race, the 3rd and last race of the Wasatch Powder Keg, the first 3-day SkiMo race in the United States.The Techincal Team race is 14 mile 8,600 vetical foot race. Arro Ribot won the Triple Crown, the Powder Keg, Queen of the Mountain. Riba won the Sprint and came in second in the Triple Crown. Wasatch Powder Keg Triple Crown March 8-10th Brighton Ski Area, Brighton, Utah. Racers came from Spain, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Ohio, California, Massacusetts, Washington DC, Maine, Rhode Island, and Washington States