Marta Riba, member of the Catalonia and Spainish National SkiMo team who also organizes SkiMo race in Spain, pulling climbing skins apart before putting them on the bottom of her skis in a transition zone during the the Powder Keg SkiMo race on March 9th. The Sprint event was the first of three events- Sprint, Powder Keg and Technical Team of Two race that made the first three day SkiMo event in the United States at Brigton Ski Area, Brighton Utah. Riba came in second in the Powder Keg with a time of 2:42:29. Riba also came in second in the Sprint event and her team of two won the Technical Team race. Racers came from Spain, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Ohio, California, Massacusetts, Washington DC, Maine, Rhode Island, and Washington States