Citizen SkiMo Series Race #3 12/17/2013

Hi everyone! This email is a friendly reminder about the race tomorrow. The race will start tomorrow at 7pm. We will be under the Great Western lift tomorrow evening. If you know anyone that is coming for the first time, encourage them to go to, print and sign the waiver and bring it with them to help our registration process. And to show up by 6:45 so we can get them squared away.

We need to have everyone sign in so we know who is there. We’ll have a clipboard by the race start with a paper to print and sign your name. As always, a helmet and head lamp are mandatory gear.

There are several great giveaways tomorrow, so stick around after the race at Molly Green’s.

A couple housekeeping items:

1)Skinning and skiing at Brighton is a luxury, not a right–they are awesome to let us recreate there when the snowpack is thin and dangerous everywhere else. Brighton could tell us to leave at anytime, so with than in mind, let’s please adhere to their uphill policy:

The map is pretty self-explanatory but note that we cannot skin up “Scout” nor ski down “Thor” and “Scout” before they open. They’d like to keep the fresh corduroy for their paying customers. If you want to skin & ski there before 9am, You can do it on the Milly side up to the dam or under Great Western lift. If Ski Patrol asks you to not skin/ski somewhere, please listen to them, they have the final say–don’t ruin the arrangement for everyone else! If it has snowed overnight, please check in with Patrol before you go anywhere. They could be doing avy control and we don’t want to be in their way. The patrol shack is about 100 yards up the hill from Molly’s.

2) Park by the church just north of the Milly Chalet. Don’t park in front of the Chalet or in their general parking area. Brighton would like to save the best parking for paying customers.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to email or ask about it tomorrow after the race while we’re at Molly’s where Andy or Jason can give a more detailed explanation.

See you Tuesday!

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