Wasatch Citizen Series Skimo Race #5

Happy New Year.  With the National Championship race and US National Team qualifying races behind us (congratulations to Tom Goth and Jason Dorais for making the US National Team to travel to Worlds February 9-15), it is time to resume the Citizen Series Races.  Race #5 is tomorrow night (January 15) at 7PM at Brighton Ski Resort.  As usual, park by the church and meet at Milly Chalet.  Come prepared for a fun night of racing followed by libations at Molly Green’s.  Don’t forget to bring your friends and introduce them to this great community sport.

2 thoughts on “Wasatch Citizen Series Skimo Race #5”

  1. Is there a spot to pre-register? Or do we just show up? I’d like to try my hand at skimo racing and this seems like a nice place to start. I’ll be back in Park City early Feb and I’m hoping to do the Feb 5th race.

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