Let the Races Begin!

Alright folks, it seems the interest is there to work on getting faster by chasing spandex clad skiers around. So in that vein, our first race will be Thursday, January 12th (with others to follow on intermittent Thursdays). Let’s shoot for a start time of around 7:00 PM. Everyone needs to bring a headlamp and follow Brighton’s new uphill policy for parking. Further details forthcoming as the date nears but be assured that winners will receive a prize (mostly likely to continue with the tradition of pies). Hopefully we can start a new tradition of sharing the pies and getting a drink at the lodge.

And BTW, all are welcome. At our recent informal holiday races the gear ranges from Dukes to Dynafits to Teles. Think of this race series as good training, a way to meet new partners, an intro to Skimo, a way to get gear savvy, or just a good time. Hopefully it will lead up to a faster Powderkeg and all around more skiing.

See you guys soon,


2 thoughts on “Let the Races Begin!”

  1. Yes, 7PM – we will be racing under the Brighton lights. Bring a headlamp so downhill skiers can see you on the uphill. Helmets are also required.

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