2016-2017 Race Schedule


Wasatch Ski Mountaineering Series

We can’t wait for winter so some of us are getting together for a little dryland training in the form of a vertical K fun run/hike up Granduer Peak on Sunday, October 30th at 8am!

  1. 24 November: Thanksgiving, 8:00 AM race
  2. 06 December: Tuesday, 7pm race
  3. 20 December: Tuesday, 7pm race
  4. 10 January: Tuesday, 7pm race
  5. 24 January: Tuesday, 7pm race
  6. 7 February: Tuesday, 7pm race
  7. 21 February: Tuesday, 7pm race
  8. 10 March: Friday, 3pm Wasatch Powder Keg Sprint Race
  9. 11 March: Saturday, 8am Wasatch Powder Keg Individual Race
  10. 12 March: Sunday, Wasatch Powder Keg Teams Race


Beaver Mt. ski mountaineering races:

  1. Jan. 13, 6:30pm race
  2. Feb. 10, 6:30pm race
  3. Feb. 24, 6:30pm race
  4. March 17, 6:30pm race

Races start at 630 pm.  I’ll be holding clinics at 530 pm (at least at the first race; then TBD based on level of interest).

15 thoughts on “2016-2017 Race Schedule”

  1. Is there info somewhere about the specifics of the citizens ski mountaineering races? the link to general citizens’ races did not work.
    For instance, how long (distance) are the races at Brighton? How much vertical? What is the route?
    What are the fastest and slowest times? Because, if I think I will be too slow, there is no reason to go and hold other people up. Oh, is there a good way to bail?
    I worked on the Powderkeg back when it began, so I’m not totally ignorant about what this is, but…
    I’m hesitant to come with no specifics, and i imagine they must be somewhere, but I don’t know where to look.

    1. Linda – details of each race are posted 1-2 days prior to each race on the Citizen Series Blog (http://citizenseries.wasatchpowderkeg.com). The races are 1 hour long. The route varies for each race. The races are designed so that no matter if you are the slowest or fastest, you will complete the course in approximately 1 hour. There is always a way to do less time, distance, or vert based on the format for each race. I recommend reading some of the past race synopsis blogs to get an idea of the various formats that are used for the races.

      1. Linda, as a participant who finds himself frequently observing these events from, uh, a “rear-positioned” vantage point, I can tell you “brackec” speaks truth here. This group is about having fun, getting fit, and being inspired to do more than you thought possible. No judgement to be found, and yes you can often choose as many laps or as much vert as fits your needs.

    1. Full membership includes free entry to all the races, but without the membership Utah Ski Mountaineering is suggesting a donation of $8 per race.

  2. I am just looking into this sport as I saw my first race when visiting Arapahoe Basin in CO last Apr. Looks really fun and I think I could really get into it.

    Can I participate with an AT setup ? I realize it won’t be optimal but would allow me to get going with my current gear until I can accumulate more specific gear.

    1. Tom,

      Everyone is welcome. 75% of the racers are on standard backcountry gear. Fat skis, AT, Tele, Splitboards – we welcome and encourage everyone.

  3. I should clarify that I meant a DH setup AT. Traditional DH boots, fat skis and AT bindings. Might be slogging around but at least I’d be out there pushing it if allowed !

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