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    Do you our your kids want to get involved in SkiMO? I’ve got the perfect setup for sale. I purchased a pair of Wasatch Speed girl 150cm skimo skis with Plum 165 bindings back in 2016. Both skis (w/o binding) weigh only 1430g. VERY LIGHT. I’ve used the skis and bindings for 2 seasons now. All in excellent condition (no scrapes, edges clean, etc.). 2016 new price was ~$920. I’d prefer to sell just the skis w/o the bindings, but will part with both for $500.
    Skis only: $300
    Skis w/ bindings: $500

    Only reason I’m parting with the skis is I’m looking to do more backcountry skiing on a ski with a wider waist width.



    Forgot to leave my contact information: Please email me at malindatf@yahoo.com if you’re interested.



    What BSL are the bindings mounted for?



    UPDATE 9/21/17: Skis+bindings are no longer for sale. Ski only ($300).

    Bindings not for sale.

    The bindings are mounted for a 267mm BSL.

    Contact me at malindatf@yahoo.com if interested

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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